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Optimize compliance label printing with STICKY API

Our proprietary Lab-to-Label Compliance system leverages our STICKY API and either BarTender Label or NiceLabel CLOUD Label software to seamlessly connect your testing lab data to your product and compliance label printing process!

Trusted by these industry leading companies

    • Transistor
    • Transistor
    • Tuple
    • StaticKit

Growing list of integrations with testing labs

    • Transistor
    • Transistor
    • Transistor
    • Transistor
    • Tuple
    • StaticKit

Your Labs. Your labels.

Cannabis Compliance Made Easy

Your results in real-time connected to your label printing process.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Eliminate manual entry of lab results during label printing in the packaging department.

Reduce Unnecessary Quality Control Procedures

No more double and triple checking to make sure printed labels match the COA

Improve Productivity

Save 6-20 hours per week for post-harvest managers and packaging employees.

Eliminate Costly Errors

Permanently stop labeling related incidents requiring product re-labeling and customer returns.

Growing list of integrations with state cannabis systems

    • Mirage
    • Laravel
    • Statamic

Flexible and Agile Cannabis Compliance Labeling

The power of BarTender Label Software or NiceLabel CLOUD Labeling software, combined with STICKY API, allows for full configuration of product and compliance labels to printed effortlessly with real-time lab test results, eliminating manual entry forever!

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It’s time to take control of your mission-critical labeling process! Support your post-harvest and packaging team by eliminating wasted time and energy for unnecessary data entry.

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Loved by cannabis professionals nationwide.

Our STICKY API and Lab-to-Label Compliance system has had an immediate impact on labeling operations. Don’t take it from us, hear from our customers and your peers.

    • Sticky has made our labeling system far more efficient and much faster. It eliminates most of the human error and cuts back on the time it takes to plug in all the compliant information we are required to print. It is extremely intuitive and is easy to train others to use it if necessary. I never want to go back!

      Jordane Fairchild
      Post Harvest Manager at SunMed Growers
    • STICKY API has saved countless work hours by not having to do manual entry of potency data and being able to change products and labels on the fly. We also save time and money from eliminating the misprinted labels we end up with as result of human errors made in data entry. Misprinting labels then leads to having to go through already packaged and labeled finished products then peel off the wrong label, reprint the label, reinspect the label, and lastly reapply the correct labels.

      Andrew Reich
      Division Manager at SunMed Labs
    • Using Sticky has made our production so much easier and efficient. According to our Extraction Data Technician, It has made my life so much easier. It easily could save up to 2 (two) hours in what I have to do... based on production needs. It makes the verification process easier as well.

      Cynthia Orr
      Compliance Manager at TerrAscend


Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, our software will improve your label printing workflow!

Per State

Due annually at $7,200/year


  • Unlimited labs within 1 state
  • Unlimited testing lab results
  • Customized .csv uploads for your testing labs
  • Integration with Confident Cannabis API (*additional charges apply from Confident Cannabis- separate agreement required)
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at for more information.

    • Does Sticky API integrate with Confident Cannabis?

      Yes. We are a partner of Confident Cannabis and can help you with your label printing requirements. Confident Cannabis is the leading Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) system used by over 60% of the cannabis industry. Connecting our STICKY API with Confident Cannabis requires the Grower Processor to have a separate agreement in place and additional charges apply.

    • Is Sticky API easy to use for the testing labs?

      Absolutely. After an initial meeting with each of your cannabis testing labs, we determine the most effective method to garner their testing results. We create an effortless way for the testing labs to login into STICKY website and upload a .csv file for their Grower/Processor customers or, preferably, STICKY will connect directly with their system of record to pull results automatically through an API or other programmatic method that eliminates further human data entry.

    • Does STICKY API connect to METRC?

      Yes. We are a certified integration provider (Get Access) for METRC in Maryland and Michigan, however we have found that connecting directly to the labs is the most flexible, efficient, and effective way to scale and implement quickly.

    • Does STICKY API connect to MJ Freeway/Leaf Data Systems/Akerna?

      No. We suffered a head injury banging our noggins trying to get them to be helpful and respond to our inquiries early on. Customer feedback confirmed our experience with them, so we moved on. Additionally, we have found that connecting directly to the labs is the most flexible, efficient, and effective way to scale and implement quickly.

    • Does STICKY API connect to BioTrack.

      Not currently. We haven’t tried, but conceptually yes, however we have found that connecting directly to the labs is the most flexible, efficient, and effective way to scale and implement quickly

    • What do we need to do to get started?

      First, we need to have a call with you to evaluate your current label printing system and workflow. Our experience is cannabis customers are not prepared for data driven workflows using their current label printing process. We’ll need to standardize your use of your label design and printing software. Currently, all of our customers are using BarTender Label Software or NiceLabel Label Cloud Software. STICKY API (data driven label printing) cannot happen until dynamic label documents are created and all business rules related to printing are uncovered.

    • Why did you create STICKY API?

      We started working with our first cannabis in December of 2017. It was a chaotic start and hasn’t slowed down or shown signs of being less crazy. As we grew from experience with 1 customer in 1 state (MD) to 40+ customers in 15+ states, we observed that nearly everyone was painstakingly manually entering lab results during label printing. This process was mind boggling to us and we figured someone, already invested in the cannabis software side of things, would resolve this obvious bat-shit crazy situation. 2 years transpired and we saw no one stepping up, so we put the IPSi Get Shit Done A-Team on it from our side and, hence, STICKY API was launched in January of 2022. We started by making this available to our existing customers and now we are releasing the Kracken. Our goal is to eliminate senseless manual entry and stop wasting the post-harvest and packaging team’s time and energy.

    • What can we expect after implementing your Lab-to-Label Compliance Solution with STICKY API?

      • Reduced Anxiety for anyone involved in manual entering lab results.
      • Improved Mood for post-harvest packaging managers.
      • Pain Relief related to mis-labeling of products.
      • Sleep better knowing you don’t have triple check data.
      • Check out our Cannabis Label Printing video here: youtube playlist link